Wave Talk Reviews

Just finished another great one. Maybe I just love all books.

I loved Countdown to Coherence Countdown to Coherence: A Spiritual Journey Toward a Scientific Theory of Everything and had the opportunity to interview author Hazel Courteney. I love how she weaves science and spirituality and leaves room for your own connection to the universe join into the conversation as you are reading. Courteney lets us explore the evidence found by Professor William Tiller about the coupling of the molecular physical world and the magnetic information wave level to Dr. Miceal Ledwith work with the study of orbs, to the descriptions of the community intent around the spirit of service of Damanhur. Courteney invites the reader into a new world of wonder in a beautiful way.


March 23, 2011, Currently I am reading four books at once. I do not usually do that. Or, maybe I should say that I didn’t use to do that. ¬†I think its a new multidimensional thing.

Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Thompson

I have finished up Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Thompson. It was an amazing dive into the relationships Jesus and his colleagues.