The Cosmic Surf 2012 to Infinity

Riding Life’s Big Wave of Love

June 2012

This year is whizzing by, and we are already past Summer Solstice. Everything seems to be communicating in new ways, plants, animals, Redwoods from far away, big wave surf from around the corner to Fiji. I notice more and more that vibrations, situations, attitudes, beliefs, fall away or transform with each moment. What was a strong belief, or one I didn’t even know I had, shifts and twists. We are in an amazing time right now, where just about anything can capture our attention in a joyful way. What is captivating you now? What new vibration are you enjoying now? The way we use energy within our own bodies are changing too. There is more aliveness to experience. The last time I updated this blog was November 2011, and it seems light years away from how I am experiencing my world today. I notice more love, more fun, and more exploration is out there. So keep it up earthlings!! Keep surfing these waves!!