Welcome to Surfing the Psychic Waves!

Surfing is the perfect image for riding the ascension wave. This is the first time the earth, the solar system, and all beings on this planet at the moment have experienced ascension. Well, that is, if we have experienced this before, it might have been 26,000 years ago. So most of us, jump into present time, if there is such a thing anymore, and we have to figure out along the way, how to surf these psychic waves, or cosmic waves, or maverick waves.

Many of us have been using psychic or spiritual tools, but we are always being called to the surf.  Things are changing from a third or fourth dimensional world to something different, we are expanding our world from duality to a world where we are all one, and we are interested in new ways to create peace within ourselves and with others. Ascension means different things to different folks but there are similar stories, where one day you wake up remembering dreams and spiritual mystery school teachings, and then the next day its like its your first day on this planet.

With every new moon, full moon, equinox, solstice, or planets aligning in a certain way, more energy is available to raise our vibration. Sometimes we will jump into the cosmic surf, other times, we choose to stay still, and other times we enjoy those waves tossing us around. We will ride the waves of our new ascension, psychic or spiritual spaces together, and share our stories.

So are you paddling out, are you on the beach waxing your board, or are you riding the curl right now?

Welcome to Surfing the Psychic Waves! I have been surfing these waves for many years now, and I draw on all sorts of tools I have acquired along the way. Meditation is my first source, then my psychic and mediumship abilities, astrology and astronomy, and my daily communions with God and all sorts of spiritual folks with bodies and without.

Peace, love and see You in the surf in 2013!

Just in: Cosmic Surf Report

July-ish, 2013

There seems to be an expansion of the freedom vibration. You’ll see it and hear it in everyday conversation, or it will feel like a stop sign that exclaims….”Nah, not gonna do that, not gonna think that, not gonna experience that.” I am sure I just did this to someone else. But its a little more gentle than leading a whole new revolution. Its more “no thanks”. Preferences are ok again. Yay.

Its seems ok to discover new things about our humanness, and that we are interacting with a universe, not only Earth. We have options now, to be big and small and somewhere in between. The surf is fast these days so go along for the ride.

Its just a whole new world, as earth stares at the galactic center.


Who’s on Surfing the Psychic Waves

On Surfing the Psychic Waves, we get to further explore the concept of “we are all one” and the concepts of peace within a meditation, psychic and spiritual space, find us on Soundcloud or podcasting on iTunes under Kristi Walsh.

Some fun archives of the show are below, by pressing one of the play buttons below.

Check out the latest interview with Blossom Goodchild and Mike Grefner from October 2012 where we talk mediumship, galactic phenomenon and other wild waves.

Kristi Walsh - Surfing The Psychic Waves (Blossom Goodchild and Mike Grefner)

Also you might want to bring out the big boards for this archive where we went surfing with metaphysician George Kavassilas. We will be talking about how all of us are far more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than we usually imagine. George has a deep understanding of the ascension process, and we will discuss the planetary influences and planetary histories and planetary twin flame energies that are mind expanding.

Kristi Walsh - Surfing The Psychic Waves (George Kavassilas)

Earlier this year, we enjoyed the waves with Eric Hatton, one of the most credible and respected Spiritualists of our time. We discuss his book, Taking Up The Challenge. The book chronicles over 60 years at the heart of Spiritualism and contains its Eric’s experiences of sharing a platform with most of the celebrated mediums who were active during that period, including Gordon Higginson, Harry Edwards, Walter Brooks, Albert Best, Doris Collins, Doris Stokes and Sally Ferguson.  In Taking up the Challenge, Eric gives us a dramatic account of one of Eric’s sittings with the legendary Welsh materialisation medium Alec Harris, in which he describes the privilege and sense of wonder he felt in witnessing fully-formed materialised spirit people embracing and conversing with their earthly loved ones. Eric Hatton has been president for five decades at the Stourbridge National Spiritualist Church. Served as vice president and president and now honorary president of the Uk’s Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU).

Kristi Walsh - Surfing The Psychic Waves (Eric Hatton)

We also talked to Sue Farrow, editor of the Psychic News and the Spirit of PN which is in publication again! Yay!

Kristi Walsh - Surfing The Psychic Waves (Sue Farrow)