Welcome to Surfing the Psychic Waves!

Surfing is the perfect image for riding the ascension wave. This is the first time the earth, the solar system, and all beings on this planet at the moment have experienced ascension. Well, that is, if we have experienced this before, it might have been 26,000 years ago. So most of us, jump into present time, if there is such a thing anymore, and we have to figure out along the way, how to surf these psychic waves, or cosmic waves, or maverick waves.

Many of us have been using psychic or spiritual tools, but we are always being called to the surf. Things are changing from a third or fourth dimensional world to something different, we are expanding our world from duality to a world where we are all one, and we are interested in new ways to create peace within ourselves and with others. Ascension means different things to different folks but there are similar stories, where one day you wake up remembering dreams and spiritual mystery school teachings, and then the next day its like its your first day on this planet.

With every new moon, full moon, equinox, solstice, or planets aligning in a certain way, more energy is available to raise our vibration. Sometimes we will jump into the cosmic surf, other times, we choose to stay still, and other times we enjoy those waves tossing us around. We will ride the waves of our new ascension, psychic or spiritual spaces together, and share our stories.

So are you paddling out, are you on the beach waxing your board, or are you riding the curl right now?

Welcome to Surfing the Psychic Waves! I have been surfing these waves for many years now, and I draw on all sorts of tools I have acquired along the way. Meditation is my first source, then my psychic and mediumship abilities, astrology and astronomy, and my daily communions with God and all sorts of spiritual folks with bodies and without.

Peace, love and all vibes.

Meet Kristi Walsh

Kristi Walsh is the host of Surfing the Psychic Waves, on Soundcloud, iTunes and InFlowRadio.com. Kristi talks to surfers, psychics and metaphysicians to share their tales of the surf and to discover new ways to handle these cosmic and ascension waves. So are you paddling out, are you on the beach waxing your board, or are you riding the curl right now?

Kristi Walsh is a trance medium healer and clairvoyant psychic whose Surfing the Psychic Waves can lead you into discussions with metaphysical surfers such as Lindy Cowling, Kelly LaSha, James Tyberonn, Michael Tamura, George Kavassilas, Blossom Goodchild, Venus Andrect, Eric Hatton, Sue Farrow and many others.